The Cactus Jones

Started as a couple's hobby that grown into a lovely community

The Cactus Jones is a website that sells Rare and Collectible Columnar Cactus,. The business started with just a few plants and an online account to track growth. The website also sells The Jones Juice, which is a liquid fertilizer made from kelp.


From the start until the present, we have participated in the store’s development. Trevor and Carrie have been wonderful to work with.

Payment solution

We were able to resort to an out of the box solution due to some Shopify limitations.

Simple & Functional

The website is customer centered, from the infinite scroll to simplified customer login experience. They were all Trevor's ideas, and we were always there to execute.

Custom Theme

The website was built using Shopify Themekit which made the it light and unique. Any thing Trevor asked for, were all delivered.

Unique Requirements

There are new features in there that Shopify does not offer currently, the sold page is an out of the box solution that let's us showcase sold cactuses.

Email Subscription

The only way to get notified of new rare cactuses if through email, the email alert was customized to reflect the brand.