DC Delights Bakeshop

A much need revamp for the most delightful baked goods in the Philippines.



Shopify cookie store

One is not enough!

We worked closely with the team, understanding the whole operations and reviewed existing data to come up plans to scale.

Old bug fixes

First order of business was to fix the existing bugs that customers complain about, causing abandoned carts and busy customer service.

Customer First

We learned the customer behavior and conceptualize on new approaches to make their lives easier even after checkout.

Online + Pop-up store

Good customer service reflected the great foundation, which was improved by combining the physical and online workflow.


The button, link and navigation placements are positioned to lead customer to where they want without thinking too much.


Quick Cookie Order

A quick order component at the homepage, for customer who already has favorites.

Configurable Pop-up Calendar

Before the revamp, pop-up announcements are posted at the hero area leading to cluttered and unpleasing front page as the banner doesn't always looks good across all devices.

Guided ordering process

The assorted box, is a complex ordering process which made easy with a step by step ordering flow and a specialized cookie selection component.